The Quick Sift's tray holds more litter than most automatic litter boxes, requiring fewer refills. Plus, the larger depth of the
tray reduces litter kick-out, which means less mess for you to clean. Having a tray that is raised off the ground also helps to keep litter off
the floor, and cats actually prefer a raised tray to a standard tray! The openings on the sides provide convenience for your cat to jump or climb in and out of the Quick Sift without any hassle, permitting both you and your cat to experience the benefits of the tray's shape.

Any cats under twenty pounds will be comfortably supported by the Quick Sift. The base and legs utilize a reinforced structure to ensure stability and resist sliding. Additionally, the unique design assists in the simple four-step cleaning cycle, so even though the Quick Sift is sturdy, it isn't difficult to maintain or relocate. You can be satisfied knowing that you have a solid, lasting product that makes your life easier.

You will quickly come to love the simplicity and neatness of the Quick Sift. It is a product that gives you more free time to do the things you enjoy, while shortening the time it takes to perform a household chore. Should the need arise to do any extra cleaning of the Quick Sift, you'll find it just as painless. The top hood and sifting screen are removable by unlatching the clip mechanisms. Because of the finished plastic material, little to no mess should stick, and anything that does can be wiped off effortlessly!

A key attribute of the Quick Sift is the large slide-out tray where the used litter collects after sifting. The receptacle is over-sized so there is no risk of the clumps spilling back into the fresh litter, and no refill bags are necessary. The handle prevents you from having to directly touch any of the mess. The self-sifting screen eliminates the need for a scoop. And because of the innovative design, the drawer is capable of opening on either side of the item. Never again will you have to fuss with complicated disposal.

Everyone knows that electronic products can be confusing, especially when it comes to motorized pieces. Automatic litter boxes are filled with parts that can burn out or break over time. Because the Quick Sift isn't automatic, there are no small components that will lose their functionality with use. The seven-second, manual system cleans more effectively and more efficiently than an automatic litter box. There are no supplementary filters, no parts that will malfunction, and no risks of electric shock. The investment is smarter, the benefits are greater, and the potential for expensive problems is nonexistent in comparison!

The most important feature of the Quick Sift is the sifting and filtration system built into the cleaning cycle. Each and every time you perform the four steps to clean the Quick Sift, the sifting screen traps the used, clumped litter and transfers it into the slide-out tray for trouble-free removal. As the Quick Sift is tipped forwards, unused litter filters back through the sifting screen, which is optimally designed to ventilate and refresh the litter. When the item is reset, the litter left behind is as good as new, and no litter is wasted. This cost-efficient system saves time and money while keeping the air and the litter box fresh and clean!
Customer Testimonials
"The Quick Sift is great because scooping is eliminated and there is no clean up around the box! You will not be disappointed with this purchase, it will be the best money you spend this year!"
- Dale from South Grafton, MA

"Loved the one I ordered for downstairs so much I ordered another for upstairs. Easy to clean, no getting down on my knees with a scoop. Floor around it stays neat and the cat immediately preferred it to the old fashioned tray. Best pet invention I have ever seen."
- Jane from New Cumberland, WV

"I love the easy way to clean litter and the benefit of wasting less litter. You can clean the Quick Sift in seconds versus minutes."
- Charles from Springfield, MO
Quick Sift in Bathroom
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